Modern Sleeves Design: 7 Best Sleeves Ideas  (I Bet You Don’t Know The Last One!)

Modern Sleeves Design: 7 Best Sleeves Ideas (I Bet You Don’t Know The Last One!)

Well, Ladies.
I know your pain, trust me!
I’ve seen my mom searching on the net for the best Modern Sleeves Design & Ideas. And you know what? she always ends up not getting the right source of information.

That’s the main reason why I want to help my mom & women like you through this article!

So without any further a due, let’s talk fashion!

#1 Disconnected Modern Sleeves Design & Ideas:

Disconnected Classic Look Sleeves!

Well, lets start with a classic touch!

To be honest, I always prefer to show some of the best at the beginning itself!

Trust me, this design of disconnected sleeves really looks good on you.

Well if you don’t trust me, then try it on yourself.

But surely we can agree on one thing that these sleeves are the main reason to make this Kurti unique & beautiful.

I highly recommend you to check out this design!
This is one of the best that I can recommend to you!

Disconnected Stars Sleeves!

Well, ladies. I know you are a star.
No doubt about it!

But let others experience it as well.
Well, this design really does most of the work as you can see that it is ready-made.

Tbh these kinds of designs were rare but as people showed up their interest in unique modern sleeve designs they are not rare anymore.

This sleeve does come with a dark blue Kurti, and the same design is present on the top as well.

I would highly recommend you to check out this dress.

Disconnected Modern Sleeves Design

Disconnected Strips Sleeves!

This is the best example of the design of the disconnected strips.

Note that this Modern Disconnect Strips Sleeves Design can be made in two ways:

  1. Vertical.
  2. Horizontal, like this one.

I would recommend you to go for vertical strip design only when you have bright colors.

Let’s talk more about this dress.

This Kurti comes in a set, with some beautiful vertical strips design on the top.
It has a matching design on the pants & on the sleeves.

And don’t forget that beautiful gold design on the chest.

Disconnected Checks Sleeves!

Maybe you’ve explored this style in television.
But why don’t you try this on yourself?

Well, this disconnected design comes in white checks with half-length sleeves.

The use of this design has been increased drastically in recent years & especially in the Instagram influencer industry.

Well, these sleeves come with a beautiful Peacock blue Kurti.

This Kurti has a beautiful front design all over from the top to the bottom.

Well, its pants also have the design of the same checks as well.

Disconnected Modern Sleeves Design

Disconnected Plain Sleeves!

Ladies to be honest this is the most simple & clean modern sleeves design on the list.

But make sure that you go with the right color!

For example, this plain modern sleeves design goes well with pink or peach as you can see in the photograph.

But I would not recommend you to go for it if you’re looking for something in green or purple.
But everything’s worth a try!

Well, I would like to talk about this Kurti as well, this pink Kurti is an absolute no-brainer if you’re looking for something for both festive and casual occasions.

What do you think about this look?
And why don’t explore it?

Disconnected Rangoli Sleeves!

When you wear dark sleeves, you always like it if there is a pattern in the contrast color. Am I right?

If yes, then this design is the right fit for you.

And these sleeves really look good on night occasions.

I know that you don’t like to miss out on the best designs & I can arguably say that this may be one of them for you.

Well, the Kurti is also looking good but to be honest it’s only because of those sleeves.

Do Explore this design.

#2 Sleeveless Modern Design & Ideas: What?!!!

Ladies consider this as a design too!
My basic thumb rule with this choice is that either to go completely unique or completely modern. Don’t opt for traditional sleeveless options unless you’ve got a good budget.

Go Completely Unique!

When it comes to Sleeveless Modern Sleeves design we gotta accept that it completely depends upon the Kurti, not the sleeves. (anyhow they are no more there ๐Ÿ˜‚)

So let see what’s special about this Kurti then. This Kurti comes in beautiful pink color with a unique print on the right side.

This print makes it stand out from the other designs too.

It also comes in a pair of pink pants.

Do explore this design!

Sleeveless Modern Sleeves Design

Or, Go Completely Modern!

Though this is also a sleeveless design. But you’ll agree that it looks damn good.

This Kurti comes with a beautiful floral design in the middle with pink on both sides.

It comes with a pair of black pants which helps to shift the complete focus on the Kurti top.

#3 Connected Modern Sleeves Design & Ideas

Connected Strips!

Well, this is design is one of my favorites!

And I know that it can be your favorite too.

As I said to you earlier, this vertical modern sleeves design looks good because it has some bright colors in it.

And moreover, this design makes the Kurti look more modern!

This kind of design is a no-brainer for you if you’re trying to look the best at your parties & special occasions.

Do check out this design. (And I know you will)

Connected Blouse Effect Sleeves!

This kind of modern sleeves design is a trend on Pinterest right now!

This design has the same pattern till the lower chest level & then a new pattern continues till the bottom.

For example, in this photograph, we can see that the flower pattern continues on the sleeves but it only exists on the upper half of the Kurti.

This Kurti can be worn for many occasions but I recommend it mostly for special festive occasions.

I highly recommend you to explore this kind of design for your Kurti.

#4 Ruffled Modern Sleeves Design

Black n White Elbow Ruffled Modern Sleeves Design

Black n White Elbow Ruffled Sleeves.

This design surely grabbed your attention.

These sleeves have a ruffle design at the elbow with a connected pattern from the torso.

Surely these kinds of designs can be made at home but you’ll get some ready-made options too.

Trust me, these kinds of potions will surely help you stand out from the crowd in a unique way.

Multi-Layered Ruffled Sleeves.

I completely accept that this dress is a bit ethnic but those sleeves completely give it a modern look.

This Ruffled modern sleeves design is completely unique from what you’ve seen till now. Am I right?

The first layer of the ruffle is of a white net strip & the second layer is made of the sleeve material itself. These sleeves have the same continued on them.

Well, I don’t know what else to say about this gorgeous design but do check out.

#5 Long Frilled Modern Sleeves Design

Connected Pattern Long Frill Sleeves.

This modern sleeve design completely brings a royal vibe to it.

In this sleeve design, you can see that the sleeve becomes wider & wider as it comes from the shoulder to the palm.

It also has that connected element in it & with that gold border it does looks like it belongs to a high budget range.

well, this Kurti is also great & I highly suggest you explore it.

Disconnected Pattern Long Frill Sleeves.

Well, this photograph is a gorgeous example of a disconnected frill sleeves design.

Well, this long frill design continues till the elbows & ends without a border.

And coming to this Kurti, it has a beautiful pattern on the torso with eye-catching sectioning in between.

Don’t miss out on this unique piece!

#6 Ribbon cut Modern Sleeves Design

Ribbon Modern Sleeves Design

Ribbon Cut Half Sleeves

This design has a thick ribbon tie at the elbow, Though it is not in huge trend. But it’s worth a shot.

These kinds of designs are more common in Punjabi films.

But I would like to mention that Bollywood actress Preity Zinta Likes these kinds of Kurtis a lot.

So I completely leave it up to you, if you like it then you can check out this dress.

Ribbon Modern Sleeves Design

Tie Up Ribbon Half Sleeve Coat

Again a beautiful option for ribbon sleeves.

If you notice it carefully then you’ll find that the coat or jacket is only present at the front side of the Kurti, which makes it super comfortable in the summers.

These sleeves are slightly darker than the Kurti set & get highlighted when worn by someone.

So make sure that you don’t miss out on this one.

#7 Kimono Effect Modern Sleeves Design

Kimono Modern Sleeves Design

Simple & Unique Black Kimono Sleeves

Well, This modern sleeves design is a great example of a unique type of design.

Well, kimono sleeves have just entered India but their demand has been grown exponentially in the television industry.

Kimono sleeves come in many options & this is one of them.

Do check out this design.

Kimono Modern Sleeves Design

Kimono Blouse Effect sleeves Design

Well, this is the best on the list for you especially if you’re damn serious about a change in your wardrobe.

Well, if you pair this Kurti with a belt then you can easily create a blouse design from far sight.

Make sure you get your hands on this one for sure.

I highly recommend you this modern sleeves design.

This article has helped my mom a lot & I hope that it helped you too!

Make sure you leave your answer in the comments section.

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